• GARDASIL: Fast-Tracked and Flawed – by Helen Lobato


    GARDASIL: Fast-Tracked and Flawed
    by Helen Lobato
    Spinifex Press, Australia, 2017
    ISBN 978-1-74219-993-1 (136pp)
    Helen Lobato, an Australian health researcher with a critical-care nursing background, makes a strong case for the lack of a direct link between human papilloma virus (HPV) and cervical cancer. She says there is no evidence that the Gardasil® and Cervarix® vaccines have prevented even one case of cervical cancer, which had been declining anyway for decades in developed nations. These vaccines are given to girls, and now boys, to fight a disease that has not been proved to be sexually transmitted. What is on the rise since the introduction of these HPV vaccines in 2006 is the huge number of adverse reactions including pain, fatigue, anaphylaxis, paralysis, seizures, autoimmune illnesses, premature ovarian failure and even death, and the case studies Lobato presents are very disturbing. Her update at notes over 73,000 adverse events and 324 deaths worldwide so far. Lobato details the flawed science, egotism, Big Pharma profiteering, political manoeuvrings and media failures behind this dangerous HPV vaccine that was never properly tested. She calls on concerned citizens to publicise the truth, and for moratoriums, independent inquiries and compensation to be put in place. A powerful rallying cry.

    Available from:
    NEXUS Magazine, 55 Queens Road, East Grinstead, RH19 1BG, UK
    Tel 01342 322854
    Price £14 inc UK p&p, £16 elsewhere
    Payment by cheque or postal order payable to ‘Nexus Magazine’ or card details by phone or post.

    The review in NEXUS Oct-Nov 2017


  • Debating the future of mandatory vaccination

    Excellent BMJ Rapid Responses….well worth a read through!!



  • Cardiff University Expels Student Who Refused to be Vaccinated

    by Christina EnglandHealth Impact News

    In September 2015, Edward Thompson registered with Cardiff University to study for a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in physiotherapy. According to Mr. Thompson and his family, when he registered for the course, his vaccination status was not discussed and there was no mention of vaccinations being required, in either the university’s literature or at his interview.

    However, six weeks after his course had begun, Mr. Thompson was asked to attend an appointment with the Occupational Health Department, where the subject of vaccination was broached by the university for the first time. Read More




  • HPV vaccine – Part One & Two – Medically Unproven & Causing Serious Harm

    Here is Part One and Two..

  • HPV vaccine for UK boys? The JCVI wants your view

    HPV vax for UK boys? The JCVI wants your view

    You can contact the JCVI and make your view known  

    Please share your concerns around the HPV vaccine and its possible extension to boys with the JCVI as part of their consultation.

    The consultation is open for 4 weeks until the end of August 2017.

    All responses should be sent to:

    [email protected]

    or by post to

    JCVI Secretariat
    Immunisation Department
    Public health England,
    Wellington House,
    133-155 Waterloo Road
    London SE1 8UG


  • UK doctors re-examine case for mandatory vaccination by Tom Moberly, UK editor for BMJ, 18 July 2017

    Re: UK doctors re-examine case for mandatory vaccination
    Magda Taylor, The Informed Parent.
    Sent to BMJ Rapid Responses for publication,
    24 July 2017

    How, and why, are UK doctors able to re-examine the case for mandatory vaccination when they have not properly, and independently, examined the case for vaccination in the first place?
    The science has never been settled on this subject, right from its inception back in the days of Jenner’s smallpox vaccination. Numerous books and papers by medical and scientific professionals were published during the 1800s opposing and exposing the practice of vaccination, especially when the 1853 Vaccination Act was introduced, and then toughened in 1867. (1) The Anti-Vaccination movement involved numerous highly educated doctors – who tirelessly spoke out and published their findings eventually leading to the abolishment of the compulsory smallpox vaccination act. Even The Lancet, when the first Compulsory Vaccination bill was before Parliament, on the 21st May 1853, expressed: ‘In the public mind, extensively, and in the profession itself, doubts are known to exist as to the efficacy and eligibility of vaccination – the failures of the operation have been numerous and discouraging.’
    There is a wealth of literature spanning over a century and a half on this subject that throws this procedure into question and yet it seems to fall on the deaf ears of the medical hierarchy?
    The vaccine industry has grown enormously since the smallpox vaccine and it is one of most heavily ‘protected’ areas in medicine. A no-go area for any critical discussion, examination and independent analysis. Doctors and scientists who dare to indicate any concerns are met with hostility, ridicule, censorship, and sometimes dismissal from their profession. This does not encourage others to voice concerns for fear of repercussion, and sadly they remain silent. Additionally the vast majority of doctors do very little study on vaccination and just simply follow guidelines and are quite often unaware of the history of vaccination and the epidemiology of infectious disease over the last two centuries.
    I have been studying this subject since September 1991, starting from a position of neutrality. I had almost no knowledge on the subject and no bias and yet the more I studied, including researching at medical libraries, the more concerned I became. Sadly, I have witnessed an ever-increasing number of vaccines being introduced into the vaccine schedule and an ever-increasing pressure on parents to follow the schedule. The media coverage on this subject is scandalous, keeping much of the general public, including doctors, in the dark. The grossly exaggerated description of diseases, for example, measles or mumps are highly misleading and used to create fear and increase vaccine uptake.
    Do we now witness extremely healthy children, mentally and physically, within the developed and highly vaccinated areas of the world? It seems not?
    Born in 1959 – I hardly received any vaccinations, swiftly went through measles, mumps and chickenpox, and have hardly ever been to the doctors. I have not even met my GP since moving in 2003. I did not witness such ill-health throughout my school days and as a young adult that I now see everywhere I turn. Allergies, asthmas, ADHD, learning difficulties, juvenile diabetes, an array of mental disorders, to name just a few. Conditions all of which vaccines have the biological potential to play a causal role.
    I have lost count how many times a parent has contacted me regarding their child’s deterioration, including death, after receiving a vaccine or vaccines over my years involved in this subject. These occurrences are labelled mostly as timely coincidences – or sneered at as only being ‘anecdotal’ and never properly investigated.
    We all share a common goal – good health for all and for future generations. The growing number of people who are now starting to look into vaccination are doing so, not just from a personal standpoint but also for a compassion for the health of the world population. According to a survey published in 2016 Europe was the most sceptical region in the world about vaccine safety, in particular France. (2)
    However, instead of initiating a proper public debate on this matter, and investigating the mounting concerns, where do we find ourselves in 2017? Strict mandatory vaccines laws being introduced in Italy, France, Germany, amongst others, and now here in the UK the British Medical Association are being asked to consider the case for mandatory vaccination! This is medical tyranny at its extreme and I am horrified that in this day and age such measures are even being considered let alone implemented!
    Even biologist Thomas Weber, despite his favour for vaccination ends his article with ‘Paternalistic and coercive attitudes were harmful in the 19th century and are even less appropriate in the 21st century.’ (3)
    It is time for independent examination, without recrimination and not a time for coercive measures which inflict upon our freedom of choice.

    1. Pearce Charles T. MD. Vaccination: Its Tested Effects on Health, Mortality and Population (1868)
    (One good example.)

    2. Arie S BMJ 2017;358:j3429 Compulsory vaccination and growing measles threat.

    3. Weber P Thomas, Emerging Inf Dis, Vol 16, No.4, April 2010; Alfred Russel Wallace and the Antivaccination Movement in Victorian England





    #LearnTheRisk #NOmandates #italy #goingGLOBAL #takeACTION


    Italian parents are presently fighting against medical tyranny…mandatory vaccines.

    France and Germany are also on the list for introducing strict vaccine laws and fines for parents if they do not comply.

    Will the UK parents be targeted next? Be alert and ready to protest – for your freedom of choice!


  • Open Letter – Regarding the introduction of the Hepatitis B vaccine for all UK babies from August 1st 2017

  • UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID) – seeking to raise funds for legal action within Europe

    AHVID have been in discussions over a good many weeks with Francisco Almodovar, a Spanish Attorney who wishes to take legal action on the lack of Informed Consent within the European Union.  We wish to have our AHVID families and all other HPV vaccine injured from the UK represented in this action because none of them received adequate information prior to HPV vaccination. Therefore, they could not exercise their basic human right to informed consent.

     If we are successful, then this will not only give ALL families in the UK the right to choose whether they have their daughters vaccinated or not with the HPV vaccine as they will have been provided with all the facts, not just a few saying that the vaccine is safe and effective!!  This should also help ALL families whose children are being vaccinated with many other vaccines and which God willing will prevent so many other little ones from being harmed.

     Spain and Ireland and possibly Denmark will be getting involved also from within their own countries.

    It was mentioned that AHVID would be putting together a crowd funding link in order that we can raise the sum of £2,500 which is quite a bit more than the 2,000 euros requested of us for the first year.  Any additional funds will be retained to support any research or establish epidemiological studies which could clearly identify a ‘red flag’ of injuries sustained by many of our young girls following HPV Vaccination.  This latter suggestion is being looked at by us and Francisco Almodovar has confirmed that this would be of great benefit.

    Our AHVID crowd-funding page is now live at

    Please share this with all your family and friends and if we can reach out to many and share the cost of this important project, then we should be able to reach our target very quickly.  Every little bit contributed will help so much. 

    Intended Start Date of this Project:  September 2017.

    Any help and support you can give – no matter how small, will be so appreciated.


  • Study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children



  • HPV Interview with father of vaccine damaged teenager.

    Jonathan Irwin explains how the gardasil HPV vaccines has injured his daughter, and how the health services in Ireland have done nothing to help.

    Very good interview -well worth listening to.




    Investigate claims made by the CDC whistle blower regarding MMR and Autism

    Alarming rise in numbers of autistic spectrum disorders after the MMR vaccine. Most recently a whistle blower ‘William Thompson’ who is a scientist working at the CDC in America has made claims that the link between autism and MMR vaccine has been covered up. Make our authorises investigate ASAP




    Have you or a loved one experienced a vaccine reaction that has had devastating effects?

    Would you be interested in sharing your story in a video interview?

    Please get in touch AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as interviews will be organised late April/early May.

    Email [email protected]m with your location and contact details.




  • UK Vaxxed event on 14th February UPDATE

    You may have seen in the press over the last week ( The Times, Guardian, Telegraph), that since the screening of Vaxxed on 14 Feb that Regents University have been denounced for allowing Dr Wakefield a platform, and the university reacted by ceasing all association with the College for Homeopathic Education  after a 17 year relationship. Thankfully, the CHE has found an alternative venue but The Times is still on the attack, now suggesting that CHE should not be allowed to award degrees. They are also campaigning for Amazon and iTunes to remove the documentary and will continue to pursue all those involved in the screening.

    PLEASE WRITE TO THE TIMES with your personal story or your view on censorship, or to share data, this is their email: [email protected]

    Also, if you would like to write to the Regents with your concerns about their action over this matter and also urging them to watch the film: [email protected]

    The Vaxxed UK team would also like to share our statement below with you:

    Cinema Libre has, for months, worked with the EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance), the Arnica Network, The Informed Parent, the CHE (Centre of Homeopathic Education) and several individual vaccine and drug safety advocates to support a screening of Vaxxed in the UK. Between these, and several other groups that were represented in the audience, including AHVID (Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters), ANH-Intl (Alliance of Natural Health International) and JABS (Justice and Basic Support), there are tens of thousands of parents and health professionals who are deeply concerned about vaccine safety and the quality and balance of information provided to parents and carers by health authorities and the media.
    We all strongly support the right to freedom of expression and informed choice, and so took on the task of ensuring the film was shown in the UK. We were aware the film was about important revelations that had originally been concealed within the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that were subsequently exposed.These facts are likely to be of particular relevance to parents and carers of children who developed symptoms related to autism within days of receiving specific vaccinations. The film has been publicly shown hundreds of times in the USA.
    We believe that airing this documentary is important in order to stimulate debate and encourage dialogue on the scientific issues that are relevant to the health of the most sensitive members of our society, our children. We also feel strongly that the presence of key people with considerable knowledge of the underlying issues at the London screening was important so that they could respond to questions following the viewing of the film. These people included: Andrew Wakefield, a co-director of the film; Brandy Vaughn, an ex-employee of vaccine manufacturer Merck and founder of Learn the Risk; Jackie Fletcher, mother of a vaccine injured son and founder of JABS; Kris Gaublomme MD, Chair of the EFVV, and; Dr Jayne Donegan, an NHS GP and homeopath. The screening provided a platform for those with concerns over vaccine safety, as well as those seeking more information, to discuss these issues among themselves and with the experts gathered.
    We are deeply concerned that The Times newspaper continues to mislead the public by distorting or misrepresenting facts and providing unbalanced coverage of the issues in its report on 15 February 2017. We also consider the effort by The Times newspaper and others, including and experts in the public domain, to block the screening of Vaxxed amounts to a violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms as related to thought, conscience and expression, all of which are protected legally by statute or treaty. The reason the film was shown in secret was to protect the event from censorship rather than any implication that the film shouldn’t be made public.




    Finally the London premiere of Vaxxed took place, despite attempts to censor, on 14 February 2017!
    Over 300 people watched this excellent documentary exposing a major cover up by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) in the US regarding the autism/vaccine link. Followed by a Q&A session, with a panel consisting of: Andrew Wakefield, Brandy Vaughan, Dr Jayne Donegan, Kris Gaublomme MD, Jackie Fletcher (JABS).
    Now available for you to watch via Amazon




















  • VAXXED: Alabama Military Whistleblower

    Another very interesting interview – about the Gulf War Syndrome. Thanks to Polly and the Vaxxed team for bringing all these very human interviews – real people with real truths!!

  • VAXXED Social Engineering of Medical Professionals

    Dr. Suzanne Humphries attends a meeting called “Confronting Vaccine Resistance: Strategies For Success” at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, New York on November 21, 2016.

    This meetings speakers were Senator Richard Pan, Dr. Paul Offit and Dorit Rubenstein Reiss.

    Afterwards she comes out to the VaxXed Bus to share what happened.


    There are many excellent interviews with parents and health professionals now on youtube.
    This one is particularly worth watching!



  • Dr Norman Guthkelch Fought Injustice to the End

    By Sue Luttner 2016

    Dr. A. Norman Guthkelch, the pioneering pediatric neurosurgeon who first proposed in print that shaking an infant could cause bleeding in the lining of the brain, died quietly last week in Toledo, Ohio, a month short of his 101st birthday.

    “Until the very end, Norman continued fighting for innocent children and families,” said Kim Hart, his caretaker and colleague and the director of the National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center (NCADRC), who shared her home with Dr. Guthkelch for the last two years of his life. Last year, just before he turned 100, the two of them helped a local mother regain custody of her twins following a hasty diagnosis of abuse that had ignored the children’s medical histories.

    Dr. Guthkelch devoted his final years to working against what he considered a misinterpretation of his work, the model of shaken baby syndrome that has been winning in court for several decades. “I am frankly quite disturbed that what I intended as a friendly suggestion for avoiding injury to children has become an excuse for imprisoning innocent parents,” he told me in an interview in 2012. Read more….




    A very powerful presentation indeed – please take the time to watch this if you are wanting to learn more about MMR and autism and the cover-ups by the authorities and the pharmaceutical industry!








    Andrew Wakefield’s new documentary, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, will have its world premier at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24 at 2pm. Robert DeNiro – co-founder of Tribeca, which is a very prestigious film festival – has been taking a lot of heat in mainstream media for allowing the film to be screened at the festival. I saw the film on the cruise and it’s a very well done documentary and it is sure to generate new interest in the vaccine/Autism connection. Let’s give support and prayers to everyone involved. If you are on Facebook, please share the Facebook version of the trailer because that will help the film receive maximum exposure. Simply CLICK HERE to go to the Facebook trailer and share away!



    Shaken Baby Syndrome

    In a 96-page decision packed with irony, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) in Britain has declared pediatric neuropathologist Waney Squier guilty of practicing outside her area of expertise, ignoring the opinions of her peers, and bringing the reputation of the medical profession into disrepute with her testimony and written opinions in a series of shaken baby cases she helped defend between 2007 and 2010. Read more here:


    Shaken baby syndrome: Dr. Norman Guthkelch, ‘Originator’ of shaken baby Syndrome, warns ofmiscarriages of Justice:
    “About his original paper Dr Guthkelch has said,
    “But I truly regretted ever having written it, because people are in jail on the basis of what they claim is my paper, when in fact it is nothing like it.” “I am frankly quite disturbed that what I intended as a friendly suggestion for avoiding injury to children has become an excuse for imprisoning innocent parents.”
    Dr. Norman Guthkelch. (who is now over 100 years old and last year )


    The charges against Dr. Squier are apparently consistent with a strategy advocated  by Detective Inspector Colin Welsh of New Scotland Yard in 2010 at the 11th International Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome for improving the conviction rate in these cases by neutralizing experts willing to testify for the defense.


  • Why information linking vaccines with autism is being covered up

    CDC Whistleblower – Why information linking vaccines with autism is being covered up






    Dr. Wakefield reveals truths about vaccines relation to autism with clinical evidence and victims. Also, new information from CDC former scientist working on behalf of health agencies. (56.20 mins)





  • WE DON’T VACCINATE – A Film documentary. DVD



     ‘We Don’t Vaccinate’  film documentary was produced in Germany by Michael Leitner and now an English version DVD is now available to purchase.

    ‘We Don’t Vaccinate’ – at last a documentary that tackles the issue of vaccination full on.
    The presentation style is to be commended and the information and facts are put across sensitively in a calm
    and straightforward manner.

    The subject of vaccination is enormous – this film highlights some of the main concerns which should lead the viewer to delve into the subject further and open their eyes to the true reality of this so-called ‘scientific’ procedure.

    Films such as this will further the cause to wake up the unknowing public into seeing through the propaganda and medical control of the drug industry and bring some hope for the children of tomorrow.”
    Magda Taylor, Director of The Informed Parent, UK
    1hr 40m   Film trailer HERE

    Shipping Location

    PLEASE NOTE: For people based in Canada and the USA please contact the Edda West or Eileen Dannemann at their websites to order the DVD: (Canada) (USA)


    You can give your donation by going to:

    A HD-version can be rented for one month for only 3$ please visit:

    Original German version: HERE

    Also available with Romanian subtitles/voice overs: HERE



  • “De vaccinerede piger” – The Vaccinated Girls
    Danish documentary highlighting questions surrounding the HPV vaccine and a large number of young women who appear to have been affected since receiving this vaccine.
    English Subtitles. (39 mins approx.)
  • Interview with Dr Patrick Quanten

    Patrick Quanten, formerly a GP for 18 years, discusses the subject of  understanding disease and vaccination from an alternative perspective. Just over 46 mins in length.



  • Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

    Highly informative video narrated by Rob Schneider. Worth watching ….only just over 5 mins. long.
    Particularly interesting as regards to vaccine damage and difficult it is to get justice in the ‘vaccine’ courts in the  US.



  • WE DON’T VACCINATE – trailer for documentary

    The history of vaccination is a history of collateral damage. The German documentary “Wir Impfen Nicht!”- “We don’t vaccinate!” demonstrates by means of official documents and statistics that no vaccination has ever had a positive, protective effect.
    The documentary is a community-funded project, supported by several European health initiatives. Its conclusion: Vaccination is not based on science, but on belief! This film shows that every single claim of the vaccination industry is unproven and that while medicine also has its beneficial sides, vaccination is definitely not one of them!
    It is also interesting to note that German health officials were not willing to be interviewed in front of the camera for this documentary.
    This is the trailer of the English version of the documentary, which will soon be released in its entirety
    We, the makers of this documentary,  are now looking for volunteers willing to translate the commentary and the interviews from the German transcript of the documentary into other languages as well as professional marketing-partners for DVD-sale. 6 months after the start of selling the DVD, the documantary will be available on Youtube.


  • Dr Andrew Wakefield presents short youtube piece on the CDC whistleblower

    Well worth watching!!









     AAVP (Association of Affected People by HPV Vaccine), together with law firm Almodóvar & Jara, filed the first of a long series of lawsuits for damages caused by HPV vaccines.
    The complaint is filed in the High Court against health authorities and vaccine manufacturers.
    The process of trying to find justice now begins for one of the Valencian girls who suffered an adverse reaction after the second shot of Gardasil in 2009.
    Spanish families whose lives have been adversely impacted by HPV vaccines have organized as the Association of Affected People by HPV Vaccine (AAVP to assist others in similar circumstances. This well documented lawsuit is based on violations of the fundamental right to informed consent prior to medical interventions which all citizens have.
    This first case will be followed by another four within two months.
    The firm will continue to file additional cases, not only against Gardasil® but also Cervarix®, the other brand of the HPV vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.

    Short interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny regarding how many vaccines children are receiving these days……..

    Here are a range of interesting graphs that can be found on Dr Tenpenny’s site.



    Short documentary about the HPV vaccination and what effect it has had on these particular family’s lives.


  • France: Aluminum Adjuvants and HPV Vaccines Up for Debate

    Paris, France: The use of aluminum adjuvants and HPV vaccines’ benefit versus risk profile will be under intense scrutiny and open scientific debate on May 22, 2014. Stakeholders from both sides of the vaccine debate will have an opportunity to present their case to members of the French Parliament, French Senate, health authorities, medical professionals and the public due to massive efforts on the part of E3M, a non-governmental organization of patients with MMF (macrophagic myofasciitis), and OSTA, a Parliamentary Office for Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choice.



  • EPA Microbiologist Dr. David Lewis Wrote the Book on Research Misconduct – Then Throws the Book at Brian Deer

    For those of you who have been following the Dr Wakefield saga…..this will be of interest.

    On April 29, Teri Arranga conducted a gripping interview with Dr. David Lewis on her radio show, Autism One: A Conversation of Hope. The show opened with Dr. Lewis speaking about his soon-to-be-released book, Science for Sale.

    Dr. Lewis was the only EPA scientist to ever be lead author of articles published in Nature and Lancet. In 2008 and 2011, Nature reported on a lawsuit he filed against EPA scientists for covering up problems with chemicals in organic fertilizers (biosolids) linked to autism, and his investigations into fraud charges leveled against Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Listen to Dr. Lewis’ interview or read the transcript of it below to learn what he discovered while pouring through the documents related to the baseless charges against Dr. Wakefield. Dr. Lewis is a renowned environmental scientist who is sponsored by Focus Autism.



  • Our Son Condemned to Disability by Vaccines

    A presentation by the parents of Nello, whose health has deteriorated greatly since his MMR vaccination.
    Just under 7 minutes long and includes English subtitles and contact details at the end.

  • Silent Epidemic – The Untold Story of Vaccines
    A film documentary by Gary Null.
    1.48 hours.
    Very interesting and worth taking time to watch.
  • Dr Wakefield Discusses The Mumps Vaccine

    A ten minute broadcast by Dr Andrew Wakefield regarding mumps. Certainly worth watching!

  • UK’s Fake Welsh Measles Epidemic – Only 8 Cases Confirmed For March

    2013 MEASLES NEWS: The UK’s Fake Welsh Measles Epidemic – Only 8 Cases Confirmed For March – 302 Wrongly Diagnosed and “Notified” By Docs

    Posted on May 3, 2013 by ChildHealthSafety

    Big Headline – but a very short posting to the links to the official figures just published by Public Health Wales.  You will not believe your eyes – so download them and see for yourself. Links to the full official statistics reports below from Public Health Wales.

    For the entire period 1 January to March 31, 2013 there were just 26 laboratory confirmed cases out of 446 notifications: 10 in January, 8 in February.

    And in March just eight cases out of 302 notifications.  That is a percentage rate of over-diagnosis and over-notification of 3774 %.  Or put it another way 0.027 of notified cases were actually measles – and it is medical professionals who do the diagnosing and notifying.  Kind of knocks your faith in the ability of doctors to diagnose a basic childhood illness.  And we must not forget the poor man who died – but no one knows what he died of and three doctors did not diagnose it as measles.

    But the British media lapped it up – after all – it was a death and you know how they love to wave the shroud to sell their papers in an ever-dwindling market.  Journalism – a dying profession in more ways than one.

    And the media hype is exactly the same kind of tosh from public health officials that we saw over SARS, then bird ‘flu, then swine ‘flu.

    Now you can see the extent of the scam being run by public health officials in Wales, UK.

    Don’t bother buying newspapers or believing the garbage news from the BBC and other TV “journalists”.  These people are just irresponsible scaremongerers.  You cannot trust a word they write or broadcast. Or are they just morons or what?  Not the kind of profession Joseph Pullitzer describes here:

    An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery.”

    You can rely on good old CHS because we let you check out the figures here all by yourself.  Compare these two separate official reports – one is laboratory confirmed cases and the other is notifications:

    All Wales surveillance of laboratory confirmed infections – CDSC Wales monthly report – Report date: Tue 02 Apr 2013 – Data to end of week: 2013 Week 13$FILE/monthly%20lab%20201303.pdf

    See Table on Page 18 “2013 – Reports of Measles virus by LHB/LA of residence by month (table 2 of 2)”

    And compare with this:

    All Wales surveillance of notifiable communicable diseases – CDSC Wales monthly report – Report date: Tue 02 Apr 2013 – Data to end of week: 2013 Week 13$FILE/monthly%20notif%20201303.pdf

    See Table on Page 4 “2013 – Notifications of Measles by LHB/LA of residence by month (table 2 of 2)”

    BUT: the really interesting bit will be the figures for April. When there is a big panic on stirred up in 66 million people of the UK by just a handful of health officials and the completely useless easily manipulated British media, doctors will be notifying the spots on their tablecloths as measles.  So if the figures for April are wildly different, you will know for sure someone is not telling it as it is.

    Let’s wait for the April figures. 

    And in ten years time might we be amused by a confession like:

    Oh dear, how the janitor when cleaning up accidentally spilled measles virus into all of those negative samples by accident before I tested them, and he did not tell me til yesterday.


    You may find it informative to read of other peoples’ experiences while making a decision about what to do yourself. This is, of course, only one side of the debate, but you can easily access other opinions by listening to the radio, watching TV, reading the newspapers or the Government/ Department of Health advice, or visiting your GP/ Paediatrician/ Practice Nurse or Health Visitor.


    ‘more than 50 per cent of the children brought to the hospital were those who had already been vaccinated against measles.’

  • Dr Jayne Donegan’s latest article on the Measles scare.

    Lots of interesting information from Dr Jayne Donegan on this latest scaremongering campaign by the Department of ‘Health’.


    Magda Taylor, Editor of The Informed Parent.

    Below are a few articles and  a youtube presentation. I would urge you to take  a read/listen. Please scroll down to the Measles Outbreak post and  take a look at the description of measles given by doctors from 1959. A very different picture was presented then as there was no vaccine to promote.

    Funny how we keep getting told that these measles cases in Wales are a result of poor uptake in the past……Why are there not hundreds of cases of rubella and mumps as well?

    Still waiting to receive details as to how many cases have occurred in the vaccinated – as these days outbreaks are generally in the well-vaccinated. I do hope the Welsh health authority will be open and honest about this important detail.
    I have noted in the past that even if a child has been vaccinated with one dose of a vaccine they can sometimes be considered as ‘unvaccinated’ as they had not received the second dose. Also measles cases in the vaccinated will often be diagnosed as a ‘non specific viral infection’ as some health professionals can not accept that a vaccinated child has developed measles.

    Many outbreaks of diseases such as measles have occurred in highly vaccinated populations over numerous years and many have been published in peer reviewed medical journals. One comes to mind: Failure To Reach Goal of Measles Elimination,  Arch. Intern Me/Vol 154, Aug 22, 1994. The conclusion opens with: The apparent paradox is that as measles immunisation rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunised persons.

    Whether these cases have occurred in the vaccinated or non-vaccinated the main thing is that at least they had the vitality to develop measles (which is considered, from a holistic viewpoint, as a de-tox in childhood ridding the body of a build-up of toxins). Provided a child is reasonably healthy and mismanagement of the illness does not take place then measles should be a reasonably straightforward illness to go through and beneficial long term. Suppressing the fever, over-feeding and using ‘just in case antibiotics’ can lead to the measles internalising and may lead to secondary complications. It has been observed that having measles with a proper rash in childmay prevent the development of immunoreactive disease, degenerative disease of bone and cartilage, and certain tumours later in life. (The Lancet, 5 Jan 1985, Ronne.)


    Dr Andrew Wakefield, The Lancet Study and My Two Boys – Isabella Thomas 

    I, as a parent of two children in the Lancet study, have had to speak out about the vicious attacks on Dr. Andrew Wakefield by his own government, the US government and the media blaming him for the measles outbreak in Wales.

    Tuesday, 16 April 2013 01:00


    Dr Andrew Wakefield, The Lancet Study and My Two Boys - Isabella Thomas


    The Lancet study was not paid for by the Legal Services Commission and our children were referred to the Royal Free Hospital because they were very sick and would still have had investigations done even if they were not part of the Lancet research as many more children have done after the Lancet study by other consultants at the Royal Free and other hospitals in London. 

    Dr. Andrew Wakefield listened to the concerns of many parents about their sick children suffering with bowel conditions and a form of Autism, a bowel condition and brain damage that was ignored by other professionals. These parents were demonstrably ‘black listed’ for saying their children became ill after the MMR vaccine. 

    Parents were speaking about this situation years before Dr. Wakefield came on the scene and our government also knew about these concerns years before the Lancet study yet they did nothing to investigate, leaving hundreds of other children at risk of side effects. Our government did not listen to parents but accused them of making the symptoms up and threatening to take their children away if they did not stop making a connection with MMR vaccine. As a result, these children and young adults live in a great deal of pain to this day (one doctor saying to my son ‘we believe you believe you are in pain’). 

    There is much more I could say about the experience of my family and others but I want to make it clear that the children’s claims in relation to MMR were supported by many other experts in several disciplines all of whom provided reports for the court. I attach a list of them. These experts would all have given evidence at the Royal Courts of Justice on behalf of hundreds of children we claim were damaged by the MMR vaccine had the cases been allowed to continue. In addition the solicitors representing the claimants were in touch with and drawing on the expertise from many more than these, but many did not want to be formal experts. I don’t know how much the experts listed were paid, but they were all paid fees just as Dr. Wakefield was in the normal way that experts are paid in litigation cases (and probably much less than the defendants’ experts were paid!).

    MMR Claimant Experts (who produced reports that were served) 

    Professor M B Abou- Donia
    professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology and a professor of Neurobiology Duke University medical centre
    Pharmacology and neurobiology

    Dr Kenneth Aitken
    K.Aitken Consultancy, Independent Consultant
    Child Clinical Neuropsychologist,

    Professor William Banks Professor in the Department of Pharmacology & Physiology, both departments at Saint Louis University School of Medicine
    Pharmacology and physiology

    Dr. Edward Bilsky Associate Professor of Pharmacology University of New England College of Medicine

    James Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD, Fellow, AAFP
    International Child Development Resource Center Adjunct Professor of Neurosciences Department of Psychology Stetson University Celebration, Florida 
    Child development

    Vera S. Byers, M.D., Ph.D
    President of Immunology, Inc Immunologist

    Professor Neal Castagnoli, Jr.
    Peters Professor of Chemistry Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA

    Dr A Peter Fletcher MB BS PhD FFPM (Dist)
    Former regulator Industry expert

    Professor Noam Harpaz Associate Attending Pathologist, The Mount Sinai Hospital, Director, Division of Gastrointestinal Pathology, The Mount Sinai Hospital, and Associate Professor of Pathology, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine,
    New York.

    Professor Ronald C. Kennedy, Ph.D
    Professor and Chairman of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center located in Lubbock, Texas

    Marcel Kinsbourne, D.M. (OXON), M.R.C.P. (LOND).
    Research Professor of Cognitive Studies at Tufts University and Professor of Psychology at the New School University in New York

    Arthur Krigsman MD New York University Hospital Pediatric Gastroenterologist

    Dr John March Head of Mycoplasmology at the Moredun Research Institute (MRI), Edinburgh Vaccine development; molecular biologist

    Professor John J Marchalonis Professor and Chairman Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Arizona, College of Medicine Tucson, Arizona Microbiologist and immunologist

    Professor Johnjoe McFadden Professor of Molecular Genetics at the School of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford Genetics

    John H. Menkes, M.D Professor Emeritus of Neurology and Pediatrics University of California, Los Angeles Director Emeritus of Pediatric Neurology Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Neurologist

    Dr Scott M Montgomery Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden Epidemiologist

    Professor John J. O’Leary, MD, DPhil, MSc, BSc, FRCPath, FFPathRCPI Professor of Pathology at Trinity College Dublin and Consultant Histopathologist, St. James’s Hospital Dublin and the Coombe Women’s Hospital Pathologist

    Professor Samuel Shapiro MB, FRCP(E). Visiting Professor of Epidemiology. Mailman School of School of Public Health. Columbia University. Emeritus Director. Slone Epidemiology Center. Boston University School of Public Health. Epidemiologist

    Dr Orla Sheils Senior Lecturer in Molecular Pathology University of Dublin, Trinity College (TCD).
    Molecular pathologist

    Dr Fiona Scott BSc (Hons) PhD C.Psychol
    Chartered Psychologist University of Cambridge

    Dr Carol Stott BSc (Hons) PhD (CANTAB) C.Psychol
    Chartered Psychologist University of Cambridge

    Professor SAMY SUISSA
    Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics McGill University and Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal, Canada

    Professor Richard Tedder
    Head of the Joint Department of Virology, University College London. Also Clinical Lead for the UCLH NHS Trust Department of Virology and Clinical Head of Microbiology Services UCLH NHS Trust

    Professor Edward J Thompson Doctor of Medicine (MD, FRCP,FRCPath) and a Doctor of Science (DSc,PhD)
    Head of the Department of Neuroimmunology at the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery

    Professor John Walker- Smith
    Emeritus Professor of Paediatric Gastroenterology in the University of London
    Paediatric gastroenterologist

    Dr. Troy D. Wood Associate Professor in Chemistry and Adjunct Faculty in Structural Biology at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, USA
    Chemistry and structural biology

    The court case was not heard and parents did not lose. Legal Aid decided to pull their funds for the sick children at the last minute. Legal Aid is government run and the government took out an indemnity to protect the drug companies from parents suing and we as parents had no idea that the litigation case was set up to fail right from the start. The government could not afford for the children to win and thus they could not afford for the statements from the experts to be read out in court. I have these reports and am told they are sealed and I am not allowed to produce them here however tempted. Below is a ‘summing up by Justice Keith when a few of us parents tried to continue the case without the support of Legal Aid and spoke in front of a room full of drug company representatives about our sick children. At the Royal Courts of Justice. I was very proud to be part of that group.

    ” It is important for the claimants’ litigation friends to understand why their children’s claims are not being allowed to proceed. It is not because the court thinks that the claims have no merit. Although this litigation has been going on for very many years, the question whether the claims have merit has never been addressed by the court. The reason why the claims have not been allowed to proceed is because everyone has realistically recognised for some time that it is just not practicable for the claims to proceed without public funding. With no realistic prospect of public funding being restored for any of the claims save for the two which are now to proceed as unitary actions, the dissolution of the litigation became inevitable. 
    Before leaving the litigation, I wish to express my thanks to the defendants’ legal teams for the assistance they have given the court. Although at all times advancing the interests of their clients as is to be expected in adversarial litigation, they recognised the needs of the claimants’ litigation friends, and provided them with all the information they needed, as well as affording them the occasional indulgence. The assembly of the various bundles of documents, and the preparation of the skeleton arguments, were of an exceptionally high order. But my final words must go to the claimants’ litigation friends. As I said in an earlier judgement, no-one can fail to have enormous sympathy for the parents of the children to whom this litigation has related. They have spoken eloquently and with great feeling of the tragedies which befell them when their children became ill. They blame the vaccines produced by the defendants for damaging their children, and they are bitter over their inability to proceed with their claims. But when they came to court, they always expressed themselves in a measured and moderate tone, despite their disenchantment with the Legal Services Commission which they believe has let them down, and at all times they treated the court with courtesy and respect. They made my difficult task less wearing that it might otherwise have been. I am grateful to them for that.” Justice Keith.

    Dr Andrew Wakefield made front page news in some of the national papers prompting an immediate reaction that it is lunacy to give him space, and that what he says is “balderdash”. What is highly questionable (and vindictive) is to blame him for all the ills of MMR vaccine because he published a paper in the Lancet 15 years ago (which has neither been “discredited” nor did it claim that MMR causes autism) and because he suggested that children should be given the single measles vaccine.

    The association between autism and MMR was never assessed by the UK courts because of the withdrawal of legal aid. In the USA and Italy the courts have awarded compensation for MMR vaccine damage. The USA also has an expert committee for assessing claims of vaccine damage and they have compensated other parents for damage caused by MMR which did not then need to go through the full legal process. 

    How long does it take the UK government to learn that cover-up is invariably a more serious matter than the original crime or mistake? It’s time the spotlight was turned on Dr Salisbury, who had little or no background in immunisation and had only been in post a short time when he reassured his committee that they did not need to worry about the adverse effects of Pluserix despite its withdrawal in Canada and serious reports from Japan? It’s time to turn the spotlight on the process by which was Brian Deer recruited by the DOH to help rescue their MMR programme. It is, of course ,easy to conjecture and it needs a full enquiry which must come sooner or later, the results of which demand full media attention.

    I am aware that in 1992 two of the three brands of MMR were withdrawn overnight on the safety ground that they caused viral meningitis and that when MMR was first introduced the Department of Health stated that the single vaccine would continue to be available. For their own reasons they changed their minds later. Had they not done so, those who had concerns could have continued to protect their children from measles and this outbreak would not be happening.

    I know that it is officially denied that there is any link between the vaccine and any form of autism (even though American and Italian courts appear to have accepted the link). What is not denied is that the rate of autism had increased substantially since the 1990s (from about one in 2500 to as many as one in 50). Instead of blaming Andrew Wakefield every time there is a measles outbreak why does the Government not put funding into finding the cause of this distressing condition? If it can be shown that the cause of the increase in autism has absolutely nothing to do with vaccines, then that will remove the suspicion that it does and you can all forget that Andrew Wakefield ever existed. 

    Governments should be putting huge resources into finding out what is causing this disabling condition which is putting an immense strain on families and draining the welfare resources of this and other countries, not attacking doctors and parents of lies. This I call child abuse.

    Professor John Walker Smith who was part of the Lancet team was exonerated in the Autism MMR GMC Case. The GMC stated afterwards ‘Mr Justice Mitting has made a number of criticisms about the inadequacy of the reasons given by the panel for the decisions they made on the charges facing Professor Walker-Smith. The panel of medical and non-medical members, having heard all the evidence, were required to set out very clearly why they reached the decisions they did. They failed to do that in relation to key questions, including whether Professor Walker-Smith’s actions were undertaken for the purpose of medical practice or medical research and whether procedures performed on the children were clinically necessary. These were important points that needed to be addressed by the panel in the determination and the failure to do so was the major cause of Mr Justice Mitting allowing the appeal. This also stands for Dr. Wakefield who did not have the funds to challenge the GMC as Professor Walker Smith did.

    Isabella Thomas.

    Parent of two boys who were part of the Lancet study.

  • Andrew Wakefield Responds on Camera to Wales Measles Outbreak

    This broadcast will only take just over 16 minutes of your time to watch and it will be very well worth it. After watching Dr Wakefield’s response you may wish to contact the Dept of Health to encourage an open debate on the measles outbreak/MMR and accusations towards Dr Wakefield. To contact DoH please go to: or phone 020 7210 4850

    Dr. Andrew Wakefield responds to UK public health officials call for censorship on MMR vaccine safety debate, measles vaccine failure, and issues a further challenge for open debate (full transcript beneath). While he has been booked to appear on several media programs, all have cancelled just prior to airtime.

  • UK Measles Outbreak
    Statement from Dr Andrew Wakefield

    The British government is entirely culpable for measles outbreak
    In the wake of further media distortion, misrepresentation and ignorance in relation to the measles outbreak in Wales, it is important to clarify some key facts.

    In 1998, following an analysis of all pre-licensing studies of MMR vaccine safety I recommended the use of single …measles vaccine in preference to MMR. This remains my position.

    At that time, in contrast with the false assertions of many commentators, including Richard Horton, Editor of the Lancet, and vaccine millionaire Paul Offit, the single vaccines were licensed in UK and freely available to the British public.

    While vaccination uptake fell from February 1998, there was a reciprocal increase in the uptake of single measles vaccine – a fact that is never acknowledged in the press. Vaccination clinics administered many thousands of doses of measles vaccine and children were “protected”.

    Six months later, in September 1998, the British Government withdrew the importation license for the single vaccines, effectively blocking this option for parents.

    Measles cases in the UK rose when the government withdrew the importation license for the single measles vaccine leaving concerned parents with no choice.

    When I demanded to know why, if the government’s principal concern was to protect children from measles, it would prevent parents with genuine safety concerns over MMR from protecting their children, Elizabeth Miller of the Health Protection Agency responded “…..if we allowed parents the choice of single measles vaccines it would destroy our MMR program.” The government’s concern seemed to be to protect the MMR program over and above the protection of children.

    MMR vaccine is not safe.
    Despite the claim of David Salisbury, head of the UK’s Immunization Division, that MMR has, “an exemplary safety record,” two of the three brands introduced in 1988 had to be withdrawn for safety reasons – they caused meningitis.

    Government officials had approved these dangerous vaccines – Pluserix and Immravax – giving them the great majority of the UK market despite knowing they were high risk and despite having been warned explicitly of their dangers. These government officials put price before children’s health and have been seeking to cover up this shameful fact ever since.

    MMR can cause autism
    The US government have paid out millions of dollars to children whose autism followed vaccine-induced brain damage. A recent government concession in the US Vaccine Court confirms that the parents’ claims were valid all along.

    In a recently published December 13th 2012 vaccine court ruling, hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Ryan Mojabi, whose parents described how “MMR vaccinations”, caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain, diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’).”

    Later the same month, the government suffered a second major defeat when young Emily Moller from Houston won compensation following a vaccine-related brain injury that, once again, involved MMR and resulted in autism.

    The cases follow similar successful petitions in the Italian and US courts (including Hannah Poling, Bailey Banks, Misty Hyatt, Kienan Freeman, Valentio Bocca and Julia Grimes) in which the governments conceded or the court ruled that vaccines had caused brain injury. In turn, this injury led to an ASD diagnosis. MMR vaccine was the common denominator in these cases.

    Live Public Debate
    The more light that is shone on this subject by way of informed, balanced debate, the better. I am offering to debate any serious challenger on MMR vaccine safety and the role of MMR in autism, live, in public and televised.


    By Magda Taylor, editor of The Informed Parent. April 2013

    We are now experiencing yet another outbreak of measles and MMR propaganda via the media, resulting in a lot of parents becoming fearful and worried as to whether they should allow their children to receive the MMR.

    In all the years I have been looking into the subject I have observed so many of these measles scares – they seem to be more regular than the measles outbreaks themselves.

    It is extremely difficult to get any balanced information out in the public arena and the radio and TV coverages are almost all very biased. For example, on Tuesday 9th April I was invited to participate in a morning programme for BBC RadioScotland as one of the guests. This turned out to be a most frustrating experience as apart from a short intro earlier in the programme I had to sit through around half an hour’s worth of discussion without being able to contribute. The doctor and bacteriologist that had also been invited on were given the opportunity to respond to the various callers on the programme whilst I was left on the line not being able to give an alternative comment. Finally, right at the end of the slot I was suddenly invited to speak again. Knowing that I was going to be cut off at any time I attempted to try and make as many points as I could, which is not ideal as there was not enough time to give proper explanation. This is typical of how most of these programmes are broadcast these days, in fact, it more common now not to invite any guests that will be challenging the present established views. Back in the 1990s The Informed Parent, JABS and other vaccination researchers were given much more opportunity to get involved with some healthy discussion on the subject. This is certainly not the case these days.

    Measles is being described in such a scary way at the moment it is no wonder parents are running scared.

    Here is an example of how measles was described back in 1959, nine years before a measles vaccine was introduced in theUK. I have also taken extracts from a few doctors describing their experiences of measles at that time. This paints a very, very different picture of the disease compared to the ones we are being given at the moment. I have highlighted some of the more significant comments in bold type.

    Measles Epidemic

    Taken from: BMJ, Feb 7 1959, page 354

    In the first three weeks of this year about 41,000 cases of measles were recorded inEnglandandWales. This is well above the corresponding figures of the last two years-namely, about 9,000 in 1958 and 28,000 in 1957 -though it is below the highest levels reached in the last nine years. To give some idea of the main features of the disease as it appears to-day and of how it is best treated, we invited some general practitioners to write short reports on the cases they have seen in their practices recently.

    These appear at p.380 (extracts from this page follow this article). It is interesting to note, first, that the distribution of the disease is rather patchy at present. It has not yet reached the areas where two of these doctors practise (in South Scotland andCornwall), and other areas are known to be free of the disease so far. On the other hand, inKentit is reported to have arrived in time to put the children to bed over Christmas. These writers agree that measles is nowadays normally a mild infection, and they rarely have occasion to give prophylactic gamma globulin. As to the treatment of the disease and its complications, the emphasis naturally varies from one practice to another. Amount of bed-rest, when to administer a sulphonamide or antibiotic, the use of analgesics and linctuses-all these may still be debatable problems in the treatment of what is said to be the commonest disease in the world. But there is probably much in the opinion which one of the writers expresses: “It is the frequent visiting by the interested clinician and not the therapy which produces the good results.”

    BMJ February 7 1959, Page 380


    We are much indebted to the general practitioners whose names appear below for the following notes on the present outbreak of measles.

    Dr G. R. WATSON (Peaslake,Surrey) writes: Measles was introduced just before Christmas by a child from Petworth…….Treatment of Attack.-No drugs are given for either the fever or the cough; if pressed, I dispense mist. salin. B.N.F. as a placebo. Glutethimide 125 mg. may be given in the afternoon if the child is restless when the rash develops; 250 mg. in single or divided doses at bedtime ensures a good night’s sleep in spite of coughing. I encourage a warm humid atmosphere in the room by various methods: some electric fires and most electric toasters allow an open pan of water to rest on top; an electric kettle blows off too much steam to be kept on for more than short periods. Parents, conscious of the need to darken the room and to forbid reading, may carry this to an unnecessary extreme, starting even before the rash appears. To save a mother some demands, the wireless is a boon to children in darkened rooms. They are allowed up when the rash fades from the abdomen-usually the fourth or fifth day-and may go outside on the next fine day. Apart from fruit to eat.solid food is avoided on the day the rash is appearing; fruit drinks or soups are all they appear to want. Complications.-So far few complications have arisen. Four cases of otitis media occurred in the first 25 children, but only one had pain. No case of pneumonia has occurred, but one child had grossly abnormal signs in the chest for a few days after the fever subsided, uninfluenced by oral penicillin. One girl had a tear-duct infection and another an undue blepharitis. Of three adult males with the disease, two have been more severely affected than any of the children.Dr. R. E. HOPE STMPSON (Cirencester, Glos) writes: We make no attempt to prevent the spread of measles, and would only use gamma globulin to mitigate the severity of the disease in the case of the exposure of a susceptible adult or child who is already severely debilitated. Bed rest, for seven davs for moderate and severe cases and of five to six days in mild cases, seems to cut down the incidence of such complications as secondary bacterial otitis media and bronchopneumonia. We have not been impressed by the prophylactic or therapeutic use of antibiotics and sulphonamides in the first week of the disease. As soon as the patient is out of bed we allow him out of doors almost regardless of the weather. Otitis Media and Bronchopneumonia.-These conditions often appear so early, sometimes even before the rash, that in such cases one can only conclude that the responsible agent is the virus itself. Despite their initial alarming severity, they tend to resolve spontaneously, and treatment apart from first principles seems useless. When, on the other hand, otitis media or bronchopneumonia comes on after the subsidence of the initial symptoms of measles, it is probably due to a secondary bacterial invader, and we find antibiotics or sulphonamides useful…..

    Dr. JOHN FRY (Beckenham,Kent) writes: The expected biennial epidemic of measles appeared in this region in early December, 1958, just in time to put many youngsters to bed over Christmas. To date there have been close on 150 cases in the practice, and the numbers are now steadily decreasing. Like previous epidemics, the primary cases have been chiefly in the 5- and 6-year-olds, with secondary cases in their younger siblings. No special features have been noted in this relatively mild epidemic. It has been mild because complications have occurred in only four children. One little girl aged 2 suffered from a lobular pneumonia, and three others developed acute otitis media following their measles. In the majority of children the whole episode has been well and truly over in a week, from the prodromal phase to the disappearance of the rash, and many mothers have remarked ” how much good the attack has done their children,” as they seem so much better after the measles. A family doctor’s approach to the management of measles is essentially a personal and individual matter, based on the personal experiences of the doctor and the individual character and background of the child and the family. In this practice measles is considered as a relatively mild and inevitable childhood ailment that is best encountered any time from 3 to 7 years of age. Over the past 10 years there have been few serious complications at any age, and all children have made complete recoveries. As a result of this reasoning no special attempts have been made at prevention even in young infants in whom the disease has not been found to be especially serious.


  • BBC CBeebies TV programme presents a very glossy and biased portrayal of vaccination/MMR

    If you wish to complain online to the BBCs website:

     When Anna Watson of the Arnica Natural Parenting Network complained the reply was returned as quick as you could say “No conflicts of Interests” with the opening line “Firstly, we’d like to reassure everyone that no programme on CBeebies receives commercial sponsorship of any kind.”
    However it did state that: If you are not happy with your reply you should escalate it to level 2 with the BBC and then level 3 and also complain to OFCOM and the BBC trust.

  • Doctors and Scientists Condemn Vaccination

  • Experts call WHO & Bill Gates Foundation’s role in India’s polio eradication campaign unethical

  • ‘Immunisation, Working Together to Protect the Nation’

    Anna Watson, of Arnica, reports on a conference she recently attended in London. It makes interesting reading.

  • HPV Vaccine Damage Is the New Autism

  • Dr Andrew Wakefield interviewed – 27/7/11

     Jon Rappoport  interviews Dr. AndrewWakefield, who was stripped of his medical license for suggesting that vaccines could do harm.
    What forces are aligned against him?

    This is a very good interview and I would urge the public to take time to listen to this and make up their own minds about Dr Andrew Wakefield.

  • MMR Fears Gain Support

    Daily Mail reports:
    The safety of the MMR vaccine was again called into question yesterday after American research appeared to back the British doctor who first linked it to autism and bowel disease.

  • Arnica

    ARNICA – UK Parents’ Support Network

    The Arnica Network was formed in 2007 by parents concerned about the vaccination program and interested in the role of Natural Health in disease. Within a few years, 70 new Arnica groups have started nationwide and now overseas, which we feel reflects the strong interest in natural immunity and the need for like-minded friendship and support systems when making such choices for our families

  • State Sued Over Measles Vaccination

    June 22 2011
    RTE News – Ireland

    The High Court has been told that the State has an obligation to compensate those injured as a result of being vaccinated in a public health vaccination scheme. Full article click here

  • Graphs on Decline of Diseases

    A number of interesting graphs looking at the decline of the various diseases over the years. Graphs

  • The Greater Good

    THE GREATER GOOD looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program. See trailer here

  • Vaccines and Toxins Cause Autism, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS & Crib Death

    Dr David Davis talks about his concerns regarding toxins and vaccines. Only just under 11 mins long.

    Dr Davis is author of the book: Dancing Cats, Silent Canaries: A Traditional Medical Doctor takes a closer look at unsolved epidemics of Autism & SIDS and proposes a solution [Paperback]


    Arnica – UK Parents’ Support Network – Promoting Natural Immunity have groups spread over the UK.
    The Worthing based group  meet up informally every month or so. Also local talks are arranged on occasions.
    For more details please email Marilyn at: [email protected] or visit





  • Interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries

  • A Few Things I Know

    By Suzanne Humphries, MD
    February 5, 2011

  • Interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield about the British Medical Journal, science and vaccines
    Dr Andrew Wakefield answers critics in video interview, says BMJ has been hijacked by false journalismBy Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
    February 4 2011 – In a video interview with NaturalNews, Dr Andrew Wakefield, the doctor accused by the British Medical Journal of falsifying the data in a study questioning the safety of MMR vaccines.
  • Health Official: Swine Flu Vaccinations for Children Possibly A Mistake


  • H1N1 Vaccine-Relate Miscarriages

    Eileen Dannemann, President of the National Coalition of Organized Women, speaks with Michael Ostrolenk about the 2500% increase in H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine related miscarriages.
    The CDC is seemingly uninterested in this increase.  Additional data and information can be found at

  • Latest Attack on Dr Wakefield

    Please go to the following link to read what Dr Tenpenny has to say about the latest attacks on Dr Wakefield.

  • Child Protection Scandal

    This article is also relevant to the vaccination issue as over the 20 years of running The Informed Parent I have spoken with a number of parents who had cases built up against them by Social Services. The fact that they had not vaccinated was one of the issues used to justify why their child/children were ‘at risk’, l…eading to the child/children to be fostered and/or put up for adoption. So many shocking things happen in this ‘so-called’ democratic country it’s beyond belief!

  • The Vaccine Detectives

    BBC podcasts
    Wednesday 6th October 2010
    Click here:  The Vaccine Detectives (Part One)

    Worth a listen. It is interesting that some researchers do have some concerns about the effects of  vaccines. Note the comments from WHO – they seem particularly reluctant to admit there may be concerns. 27 mins.

  • SPECIAL OFFER – 6 Back Issue Newsletter Set – 1992-2015

    The Informed Parent Back Issue

    An interesting mix of articles, including  Swine flu, HPV and the continuing debate on MMR. Also, articles highlighting the growing concerns of some medical professionals as regards to vaccination. Plus alternative views on health and disease that will give you plenty of food for thought.
    This set consists of a random mixture of editions dating between 1992 to 2014 – while stocks are available.

    Shipping Location

  • Statement by Dr Andrew Wakefield on BBC

    I have met Dr Andrew Wakefield on a number of occasions over my years of research, and the outcome of his General Medical Council hearing is, in my opinion and many others, an outrage! Shame on the GMC – there should be an enquiry in to this whole unjust fiasco! Magda Taylor, Director of The Informed Parent. 29/1/10  read more …

  • Example of A Change of View by a Medical Doctor

    Nick, you’ve certainly won a convert here. I’ve been introducing myself lately as a “reformed allopath.” Maybe I should say “recovering”… Thank you for the great work you & Dr. Eisenstein have done to bring together the excellent sources of DOCUMENTED SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE which so cogently supports the vaccine link to so much morbidity & mortality.( Nothing short of this documentation, by credentialed, legitimate, accomplished scientists & researchers, could have effected the “professional epiphany” I’ve experienced in the last 4-6 months. Your presentations have helped evolve my thinking & beliefs to a 180-degree turn-around on the subject of vaccine efficacy & safety. Life-changing information… I’m convinced–AND you’ve triggered an insatiable desire for even more data & documentation! Keep up the good work! THANKS. And you can quote me! Happy Holidays! Live, Love, Laugh–and be well! – Debbi Silverman, M.D., C.W.C.  read more …

  • Pregnancy & Preparation Website!

    The mission statement: Pregnancy and Preparation exists to create a shift in global mindset around health and vitality. We encourage response-ability in families primarily through education. This will empower people to understand their health, body and symptoms so they themselves can make real choices around their health and wellbeing. We aim to create a new culture of thinking around our current views on health and motherhood. Click here to read more …

  • What Has The HPV Cancer Vaccine Done To Our Girls?


    Two YouTube clips from the peaceful demonstration organised by VAN UK

    Video 1
    Video 2

  • You Tube interview with Jane Burgermeister regarding her investigation into Swine Flu.

    54 mins interview, interesting comments and findings.

  • Interview with Dr Andrew Moulden: What You Were Never Told About Vaccines

    Click here