Shouldn’t the after-effects of vaccination be discussed before?


Here are a selection of websites which I hope you will find useful. If you find a broken link, or would like to suggest other sites that could be added to this list, please contact me HERE




Andrew Kaufman MD

Child Health Safety – very informative site regarding vaccination

Covid Watching

Danger of Vaccines

Dr Jayne Donegan – GP & Homoeopath with a special interest in vaccination

Dr Richard Lanigan’s Vaccination site (UK)

EFVV European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

HPV information site

I Can Decide

Learn The Risks

Physicians for Informed Consent

Put Children First

Sacrificial Virgins (HPV)

S.A.N.E Vax (HPV)

STRIVE Student & Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education

The Vac Truth

Time For Action Families affected by HPV

UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Vaccine Debate – Ian Sinclair’s site

Vaccination Decision Info

Vaccination Dilemma – Greg Beattie’s site

Vaccination Information Portal

Vaccine Injury Info

Vaccine Injury UK

Vaccine Rights

Vaccine Risk Awareness

Vaccine Side Effects

Vaccinvrij – Netherlands vaccine website.

Vaxxed TV Channel

We Don’t Vaccinate


World Doctors Alliance




Animal Aid

Cruelty Free International

Education Otherwise For home-educating families

Eyedia – Excellent team for all your design needs
Designers of The Informed Parent website and newsletter

PETA UK  People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

The National Anti-Vivisection Society

The Soil Association

The Vegan Society

The Vegetarian Society

Write to your MP


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