Shouldn’t the after-effects of vaccination be discussed before?


Here are a selection of websites which I hope you will find useful. If you find a broken link, or would like to suggest other sites that could be added to this list, please contact me HERE

ARNICA – Parents Support Network For Natural Health

Arnica is a support group for parents, led by parents. We believe in a holistic approach to health and recognize a grass roots need for debate and practice, especially in this current climate where nutritional supplements, organic food, and homeopathy are under threat. Click on logo image to visit their website.



Child Health Safety – very informative site regarding vaccination

Danger of Vaccines

Dr Jayne Donegan – GP & Homoeopath with a special interest in vaccination

Dr Richard Lanigan’s Vaccination site (UK)

EFVV European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

HPV information site

I Can Decide

Learn The Risks

Med Science Research  An online library of medical papers relating to vaccination

Physicians for Informed Consent

Put Children First

S.A.N.E Vax (HPV)

STRIVE Student & Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education

The Vac Truth

Time For Action Families affected by HPV

Vaccine Debate – Ian Sinclair’s site

Vaccination Decision Info

Vaccination Dilemma – Greg Beattie’s site

Vaccination Information Portal

Vaccine Injury Info

Vaccine Injury UK

Vaccine Rights

Vaccine Risk Awareness

Vaccine Side Effects

Vaccinvrij – Netherlands vaccine website.

Vaxxed TV Channel

We Don’t Vaccinate


World Mercury Project




Animal Aid

Cruelty Free International

Education Otherwise For home-educating families

Eyedia – Excellent team for all your design needs
Designers of The Informed Parent website and newsletter

PETA UK  People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

The National Anti-Vivisection Society

The Soil Association

The Vegan Society

The Vegetarian Society

Write to your MP


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