ARNICA – Parents Support Network For Natural Health  link

SUSPECTED VACCINE REACTION  You can report it here


Alan Yurko Project link

British Institute of Osteopathy including vaccination/germ theory articles link

Child Health Safety – very informative site regarding vaccination link

Dr Jayne Donegan – GP & Homoeopath with a special interest in vaccination. link

Dr Patrick Quanten’s Active Health Care site link

Dr Richard Halvorsen link

Dr Richard Lanigan’s Vaccination site (UK) link

Gardasil – HPV information site link

HPV Vaccine Website link

JABS link

Learn the Risk link

Physicians for Informed Consent link

STRIVE Student & Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education link

Stop Mandatory Vaccination link

The Doctor Within link

The Immunisation Awareness Society (NZ) link

The Vaccination Truth link

The Vaccine Truth link

Vaccine Damage/Reaction Website link

Vaccine Debate – Ian Sinclair’s site (Australia) link

Vaccination Dilemma – Greg Beattie’s site link

Vaccination Information & Choice Network link

Vaccination Information Portal link

Vaccine Information Centre (Australia) link

Vaccination News  link

Vaccine Risk Awareness UK  link

Vax Info Start Here  link

Whale To Vaccination  link


Annie Hall’s homeopathic website link

Applied Sustainable Health link

Cassandra Marks’ Website link

College of Practical Homeopathy link

Contemporary College of Homeopathy link

Great Natural Health website link

Harley Homeopaths link

Harley Street Homoepathic Clinic link

Healing in Ealing link

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy link

Holistic Health with Hellis Hill – Sidcup, Kent link

Homeopathic Community Health Clinics link

Homeopathy At Home – Paedriactic homeopath link 

Homeopathy On Line – Len Marlow’s website  link

Homeopathy Works website link

Homeopathy4u clinic in Kingston link

Jak Measure homeopathic website link

Kelda White – Alternative & Complementary Medicine link

Kingston Homeopathy link

Malgosia Zamolska-Settles – Homeopathic site SW London link

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Salisbury Homeopathy College link

Samantha Gladden’s homeopathic website link

Superkids Homeopathy website link

The Dolphin House Clinic link

The Organic Pharmacy link

Therapy Directory UK link

Wenda Holland’s Homeopathic website link


A Breath For Life link

College of Naturopathic Medicine  link

Drug Alert link

Drug Watch Link

Dr Keki Sidhwa’s Natural Health Site link

Enhancing The Future – Craniosacral Therapy link

Foresight Preconception link

Herbalist Rachel Boon’s site, Sussex-based link

Holistic Vet (Bath based) link

Hypnobirthing Centre – Learn easy natural childbirth link

Laughter Unlimited – increase health, vitality, productivity & happiness link

Medical Malpractice Help (USA) link

New Leaf – Natural Skin Care Products link

Nutritionist Resource Website link

Soil and Health Library – Excellent range of books! link

Stop Harming Our Children Website link

The College of Natural Nutrition link

The Fasting Connection link

The Healthy House link

The Hygienic Care of Children by Herbert Shelton link

The Naturopathic Centre link

The Nutritional Healing Foundation link

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Total Health Matters link

Westcountry Family Chiropractic link


Eyedia – Excellent team for all your design needs link

GreenHealthWatch Magazine link

Write to your MP link

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