17 MARCH  2018

10am – 5pm


Presented by Trevor Gunn

Holistic Pathology – understanding illness from the perspective of the intelligence of the body, combining the biological sciences with homeopathic principles, a marriage that is greater than the sum if it’s parts.

Knowledge of pathology is largely filtered through the workings of allopathic medicine which carries with it a judgement and a perception that most causes of illness are unknown, genetic, microbial attack or a sophisticated malfunction requiring pharmaceutical intervention.

Looking at cases we will aim to see the intelligence behind the disease, find root causes, understand the purpose of symptoms and find adjunctive measures to help the body. A process that creates invaluable aids to your homeopathy as well empowering the patient and involving them on their health journey.

Looking at two groups of conditions:

Autoimmune illnesses (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, crohn’s) how and why they are similar to Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease, Neurological illnesses.

Secondly, blood sugar imbalance with associated illnesses, including cancer. In addition to looking at which emotions correlate to the different cancers.

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Prior reading of – ‘The Science of Health and Healing’ – essential.
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